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Revel for Global Marketing, 8th edition

product title: Revel for Global Marketing, 8th edition

ISBN: 9781292177687

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The core principles of global marketing, accessible via an interactive, and mobile learning platform.

Revel® brings to you the leading textbook for the work of marketers all around the world, with a range of interactive features in a digital learning environment that replaces the traditional printed text.

Revel means reading reimagined:
  • Powerful multimedia tools: Revel offers video, audio, image content, and figure animations to support your learning, encouraging you to participate in more group discussions in class.
  • Formative and summative assessments: The self-assessments and quizzes, help you test your knowledge and understanding of the concepts presented in the book, and focus on the areas you need to improve.
  • A series of study features: Interactive exercises,mini-sims and flashcards help you get organised and better prepare for your exams.
  • Friendly writing style and accessible approach: Organise your study material with Revel into manageable chunks, and cover a lot in a short space of time.