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Brand Design, 7th edition

product title: Brand Design, 7th edition

ISBN: 9789043037259

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Following the publication of the Dutch edition of this book in 2002, Brand Design has become a household name in many boardrooms and educational courses. Ruud Boer's model of Brand Design has guided over 30,000 marketers in shaping and designing brands. With the introduction of this new edition, marketing students and professionals can also benefit from a conceptual map of Brand Design in English!

This well-illustrated book is comprehensive, encompassing a diversity of practical examples of physical and digital brand expressions, and includes many models that are easy to understand. The centerpiece is the Brand Design model, which takes the reader from brand strategy to brand activation, in order to achieve the main goal: building brands. In addition, twenty Mini-Cases and one more extensive Maxi-Case are included, written by various Registered Marketers (RMs), to give you interesting insights into succesful brands.

'The standard guide in brand building.'
Harry van Delft - Associate Professor Agrifood Marketing at HAS University of Applied Sciences

'Great to have an authority explaining strategic and operational marketing principles.'
Luuk Ros - Chief-editor Marketingfacts

'Interesting for every marketer.'

Ruud Boer RM

Ruud Boer RM is a Registered Marketer and was responsible for beautiful brands, such as Bols, Red Band, Venco, Reebok, LU, and Liga. Since 1998 he is co-owner of Bataafsche Teeken Maatschappij, a renowned, Rotterdam-based Brand Design agency, which helps B2B and B2C companies to grow via brand strategy and design. Ruud is a member of the board of the NIMA Brand Design Community, he teaches at Beeckestijn Business School, and gives workshops and lectures in the Netherlands and abroad.