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Explore The Big Picture (Print book + MyLab access code)

product title: Explore The Big Picture (Print book + MyLab access code)

ISBN: 9789043040150

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Are you interested in the state of our world? In the future of humanity? Have you ever wondered how the major developments of our time fit together? Are you, in fact, interested in exploring the big picture?

The world we live in is undergoing enormous change, and it can feel overwhelming to grasp what it all means, to you, to your family, to your business or job, and to humanity as a whole.

In one book, Explore The Big Picture takes a deep dive into some of the most significant matters we’re facing today, including climate change, the impact of technology, the development of the world economy, pressing societal challenges, and life beyond Earth. Doing away with complexity, each topic is explored in such a way that it relates to the others. Celebrating our achievements and drawing attention to our challenges, Explore The Big Picture cuts through the clutter, leaving readers with a clear vision of what’s at stake and what’s to gain.

Using this book enhances your skills in critical thinking, strategic foresight and interdisciplinary thinking. Which are all vital skills needed for addressing complex challenges such as achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Explore The Big Picture is an open invitation to look beyond the horizon and challenge your thoughts and beliefs, allowing you to take meaningful action that leads to positive change.