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Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology

product title: Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology

ISBN: 9781292127958

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Engage with key historical and conceptual issues in psychology 

Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology, 3rd Edition, by Brysbaert & Rastle offers a unique and engaging introduction to key historical and conceptual issues in psychology.  The text draws on a broad range of issues and themes, both contemporary and historical, helping you understand the philosophical context from which psychology has emerged as a discipline. 

Every chapter reflects the newest findings and insights in the field, with particular attention drawn to those findings that have not stood up to replication tests. The 3rd edition also includes a new chapter on the replication crisis, including the importance of open science practices in scientific research. 

Excerpts from original texts, profiles of key figures and fascinating examples drawn from across the world take you from ancient Greece to modern day debates, stopping off at important developments in psychology, philosophy and science along the way. Myth busting boxes and discussion questions in every chapter encourage you to reflect and think critically about the issues raised.

This best-selling text is essential reading for undergraduate psychology students and those interested in how the discipline has developed from ancient origins to reach its current standing today.