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Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics

product title: Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics

ISBN: 9781447965282

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For courses in introductory calculus-based physics.
Precise. Highly accurate. Carefully crafted.

Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics combines outstanding pedagogy and a clear and direct narrative with applications that draw the student into the physics at hand. The text gives students a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of physics in all its aspects, from mechanics to modern physics. Each topic begins with concrete observations and experiences that students can relate to their everyday lives and future professions, and then moves to generalizations and the more formal aspects of the physics to show why we believe what we believe.

The 5th Edition presents a wide range of new applications including the physics of digital, added approaches for practical problem-solving techniques, and new Pearson Mastering Physics resources that enhance the understanding of physics.