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Valuepack 2 Fontys Eindhoven, custom edition (Pakket)

product title: Valuepack 2 Fontys Eindhoven, custom edition (Pakket)

ISBN: 9781800063235

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This tailored package has been developed to bolster your studies. With Pearson content from acclaimed authors, as well as cutting-edge case studies and articles, Pearson is dedicated to assisting your learning. Amplify your scholarly aptitude and begin building toward your professional aspirations today!

This pack contains:

9781292336145 McMurry/Robinson: Chemistry GE_p8

9781292139920 PSK: Dean Prac Skills Chem_p3

9781292160344 Bruice: OrganicChemistry GE_p

9781787644038 CU.Moonen:Brock_Biology_Micro